Monday, August 10, 2009

My Pasta Feast

This is my pasta creation I made Friday night. It's actually a revised version of something I made earlier in the week. Honestly the mix was good but I am not completely set on how I want to do it all the time. Next time I will be adding and subtracting things. But for now this is the recipe of what's in it:

Half Cup or so Frozen Corn, Half cup or so frozen peas, 8 oz medium pasta shells, ranch dressing, 2 red peppers, half a cup or so of shredded cheese(to your liking, I used Mexican mix) & half an onion.

Basically cook peas and corn together, let stand, boil pasta, add the rest! Let the cheese melt in and taadaa! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Recently in my attempt to expand my social circle and expand my knowledge I have joined one of my good friend's Harry Potter fan groups. At first I will admit I was a bit timid about the entire thing but then I went to a picnic and had a great time.

Not only did I make new friends but was convinced to finish the books finally, and also to now see all the movies. Granted I am not a super HP fan, I enjoy reading the stories and love the movies I just need to expand my social cirlce. Get out of my "norm" as some would say. But then again normal is boring, so I have gotten to the point where I need to expand.

I found just from the picnic that these people think a lot like I do but also have some very different ideas too, which is great. And that's what I am looking for.

In the coming months there are more events planned and I will be updating and hopefully posting pictures from those.

The lesson learned here: Don't be afraid to think outside your box, because you really never know how great those who first appear to be so different can be.

*the groups web address is If you are in the Boston area and have any interest in HP I encourage you to check them out. Such a great group of individuals. Great job Amanda!

An Introduction...

This blog is my way of having a place to showcase and hopefully recieve some feedback to improve on all the new things I am learning and discovering. Some of which you may find interesting and others well not everything is for everyone. Among the entries I can guarentee will be my trip into Fandom, of the Harry Potter nature and cooking. Because that is how varied my new experiences are becoming. So why not have a place to talk about them? I hope you enjoy!